Ferrari 488 Challenge

488 Challenge the latest Challenge racer is based on the 488 GTB, but it actually has more in common with Ferrari’s competition-prepped 488 GT3 and GTE than it does with the road car.

Its 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8’s output of 670hp (493kW) at 8000rpm and 760Nm at 3000rpm might be slightly down on the mental 488 Pista, but the racer has a comprehensive aero package, of which the massive rear wing is obviously the most noticeable element.

The 488 Challenge also rides lower than its road-going siblings, courtesy of bespoke no adjustable springs and dampers, but arguably the biggest game-changers are the slick tyres (275mm wide at the front, 315mm at the rear), which means you brake much later and carry far more corner speed than previous Challenge cars.

Ferrari Challenge dates back to 1993 and was created for owners of the 348 Berlinetta who wanted to have a crack at racing. The series has steadily evolved over the years, and Ferrari has subsequently rolled out Challenge racers based on the 348355, 360, 430, 458 and currently the 488.

The Challenge series has mushroomed to the extent there are now three separate championships – Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific – with each of these attracting healthy fields across two categories. Many other race series allow the challenge cars to enter, GT Cup, Britcar Endurance and Ferrari Club Racing series to mention a few.

Pictured above is the SBR Engineering 488 Challenge car which won its class in GT Cup in 2018 and won the Britcar Endurance Championship in 2019.

Ferrari 488 Challenge Technical Specifications

Year of Manufacture – 2017

type V8 – 90° – Turbo – Dry Sump
total displacement 3.902 cm3
bore and stroke 86,5 x 83 mm  (3.4 x 3.3 in)
maximum power * 690 CV (492 kW) at 8000 rpm
maximum torque * 760 Nm at 3000 rpm in VII gear
specific output 172 cv/l
compression ratio 9.4:1
length 4568 mm (179.8 in)
width 1952 mm (76.9 in)
height 1213 mm (47.8 in)
wheelbase 2650 mm (104.3 in)
front track 1679 mm (66.1 in)
rear track 1647 mm (64.8 in)
kerb weight ** 1440 Kg
dry weight ** 1320 Kg
weight distribution 41,5% front – 58,5% rear
boot capacity 230 l (8.12 cu ft)
fuel tank capacity 100 l
front 19″ Pirelli Sick
rear 19″ Pirelli Slick
front 15.7 x 8.8 x 1.4 in
rear 14.2 x 9.2 x 1.3 in
7 gears f1 dual clutch transmission
e-diff3, Adjustable f1-trac, Motosport adjustable abs/ebd performance with ferrari pre-fill, frs scm-e, ssc
maximum speed 330 km/h (205 mph)
0-100 km/h 3,0 s
0-200 km/h 8,3 s
0-400m 10,45 s
0-1000m 18, 7 s
weight/power ratio 2,04 kg/cv (6,13 lb/kW)