Ferrari Specialists

With 0ver 30 years of industry experience we offer a personal service with guaranteed quality workmanship & are proud to say that most of our new customers come to us as a result of personal recommendations from our loyal customer base. We have vast experience with Ferrari models modern and contemporary, this experience has helped us fine tune repair time and general costs involved with owning a classic or modern Ferrari vehicles.

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Ferrari Models

Ferrari have produced some of the finest automobiles the world has seen. Some out and out racing versions like the mighty F40 and some more luxury based like the 456 GT. As enthusiasts we cater for all of these models and love to keep up to date with their latest vehicles in the world of Ferrari. We have complied as much information on all of the Ferrari models produced for yours and our reference.

Ferrari Servicing

Over 30 years of experience with the Ferrari marque gives SBR Engineering  unrivaled expertise when it comes to servicing and maintaining your vehicle. Our dealer and factory trained technicians have the knowledge and skills to complete any work needed to keep your Ferrari operating at its optimal level!

More information on Servicing your Ferrari.

Ferrari Diagnostics

At SBR Engineering  we can cater for all diagnostics needs. We have invested highly over the years in the latest computer technology to access all of the modern Ferrari models. Ferrari Servicing for the latest version of Ferrari are almost dependent on having the correct equipment to gain access to the cars on board computer systems to carry out repairs or even add new electronic features or just re-calibrate the existing configurations. Obviously Diagnostics is always to do with computer technology, click here to see how diagnostics methods are used for older Ferrari models…

Ferrari Sales

We can cater for all your needs when buying or selling your Ferrari. At SBR Engineering we always have Ferrari models for sale which have been fully inspected and endorsed by us. We also offer the service of sale or return, this is when we can market your vehicle should you wish to sell. Click here to see the latest cars offered for sale and previously sold vehicles…

Ferrari Detailing

At SBR, we can offer a variety of Ferrari detailing services, for the restoration, preservation, and enhancement of your Ferrari’s exterior and interior.

Using selection of partners, as well as our own experience, we can ensure we provide the very best vehicle detailing and paint correction services for your pride and joy.

Whether you require paint correction, protection detail, enhancement detail, or a bespoke detailing package created for your vehicle, our state-of-the-art facility, proven techniques and specialist team will ensure that your Ferrari is in good hands.

Ferrari Restoration

For many Ferrari vehicles are not only the pinnacle of Italian style and performance, for many they are a piece of automotive art. Like all aging art in the modern age they need maintenance and sometimes restoring to their former glory. At SBR Engineering we offer a range of services to keep Ferrari models past and present performing and looking how Enzo intended!

Ferrari Race Events

SBR have taken part in many types of event, from The Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed to the Concours lawns of Salon Privé. Our Championship winning racing heritage has opened many doors for us. As a result we have supplied cars for several Hollywood films, as well as our cars attending launches for Gumball 3000 and many more. If you would like you car prepared for the concours lawn or prepared for the Goodwood hillclimb please contact us

Ferrari Race Track Preparation

SBR as a company have had Championship and Race Series wins with Ferrari since we began in 2009. We have campaigned every version of Ferrari Challenge car made by the Ferrari factory and many GT2 and GT1 le Mans versions too. If it is your intention to use your road or track Ferrari in race conditions contact us.

Ferrari Storage

In recent years we have been asked more and more about Ferrari Storage. many modern homes just do not have the facilities to store cars that are not used every day. We offer Ferrari storage solutions for all levels of Ferrari owners or collectors. Please contact us here to discus your needs..

Ferrari Vehicle Tracking Systems

SB Race Engineering are certified installers of Global Telemetries vehicles tracking systems. Smartrack are the market place leader in vehicle tracking systems. Our extensive knowledge of the Ferrari brand makes us the ideal partner for installing vehicle tracking systems. Fitting a state of the art tracking system to your Ferrari should never be an option, click here for more details…

Ferrari Parts & Engineering

SB Race Engineering has been producing and sourcing its own parts since its conception in 2009. These parts have been produced to cater for the old and new Ferrari market, where obsolescence or modification for purpose was necessary. As a result our 3D scanning and CAD modelling experience have seen us reverse engineer many parts from full engine and gearbox internals to complete body moulding bucks.

Our latest Racing Ferrari 488 has our own steel brake kits designed by us and are championship winning! click here for more information on the services we can provide..

Ferrari Performance Upgrades

For many Ferrari’s tick all the boxes when it comes to performance. At SBR we can offer various performance upgrades, from increases in engine power and drive-ability to suspension geometry changes and suspension component upgrades, we can tailor to your needs and performance requirements.

Ferrari Exhausts

SBR have always been at the fore front of tuned exhaust systems for Ferrari. We have had many first for various Ferrari models and exhaust brands. Years of experience have given us the knowledge of what system to use for individual models to get the best sound and performance for your pride and joy.

Ferrari Clutches

Each Ferrari model uses its own version of gearbox and clutch system. Being a part that is designed to wear it is quite possible that your car will need its clutch replacing during your ownership.

In all models we recommend using the genuine Ferrari replacement units (this does differ on race versions) as they have the longest life and rarely give problems. At SBR we have all the necessary factory tooling and diagnostics to check, adjust or replace your clutch.

Ferrari Gallery

From the day SBR first opened its doors we have been among a small number of Ferrari specialists to have maintained a wide variety models, from the very special 1950’s classics to the modern Hyper cars! Our Ferrari gallery has just a small collection of some of the show stoppers that have graced our workshops.

Ferrari Trim

Keeping your Ferrari in the best possible condition is paramount for its preservation and future value. The interior is where you spend your time when enjoying your car. Vehicle trims wear over time and sometimes fade, depending on the model. At SB we offer various solutions to revitalize the interior, from deep cleans and detail to complete re-trimming of the whole interior. Contact us for more information

Common Ferrari Faults

Years of experience have given us intimate knowledge of the Ferrari model data base common faults. This knowledge has helped us keep diagnostic time, and intern repair times down when carrying out repairs. This has given our ever expanding client base financial savings with the running costs of owning these special vehicles .