Ferrari 408 4RM

Ferrari 408 4RM

Just two prototypes of this model were built. The first, a red car, was completed June 1987 and sported chassis no. 70183, while the second, chassis no 78610, was yellow and is now exhibited in the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello. What made this such an unusual model was that it featured four-wheel drive using an innovative hydraulic system. The two cars were built to test different production methods too. The first had a welded stainless steel body while the second a glued aluminium one. Mauro Forghieri was in charge of the project until he left Ferrari in the spring of 1987 too.

The name of the car comes from the engine and drivetrain: 4.0-L [40] 8-cylinder [8] with a 4 Ruote Motrici [4RM]. The latter simply translates four-wheel drive from Italian. The engine is derived from the Ferrari 328 and mounted in the back producing around 300 bhp at 6250 rpm with 373 Nm of torque.

It took the Italians just shy of 25 years to implement a four-wheel drive system into a production car. In 2011, the Ferrari FF became the first production Ferrari featuring four-wheel drive. The car was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show and intended as a successor of the (rear-wheel drive) 612 Scaglietti. Ferrari managed to sell around 2300 examples before they introduced the GTC4 Lusso as its successor.

Ferrari 408 4RM Technical Specifications

Year of Manufacture – 1987

type rear, longitudinal 90° V8
bore/stroke 93 x 73.6 mm
unitary displacement 499.96 cc
total displacement 3999.66 cc
compression ratio 9,8:1
maximum power 221 kW (300 hp) at 6250 rpm
power per litre 75 hp/l
maximum torque 373 Nm (38 kgm) at 4500 rpm
valve actuation twin overhead camshafts per bank, four valves per cylinder
fuel feed Weber-Marelli electronic injection
ignition electronic, single spark plug per cylinder
lubrication dry sump
clutch twin-plate
frame box-section stainless steel monocoque
front suspension independent, unequal-length wishbones, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
rear suspension independent, unequal-length wishbones, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
brakes discs
transmission 5-speed + reverse
steering rack-and-pinion
fuel tank capacity 120 litres
front tyres 225/50 VR 16
rear tyres 255/50 VR 16
type two-seater berlinetta
length 4220 mm
width 1885 mm
height 1200 mm
wheelbase 2550 mm
front track 1580 mm
rear track 1585 mm
weight 1343 kg (with liquids)
top speed
acceleration 0-100 km/h
0-400 m
0-1000 m

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