1940 – 1949 – Ferrari Models – From 1939 Enzo Ferrari began to create the Ferrari Legacy that still stands to this very day. Initially Enzo’s mission was to simply build race cars, as depicted by the sheer volume of race cars produced during the first decade of the companies lifespan.

Developing 6 works of art, each dedicated to win at the race track, but one made it through to full production, this was to be Ferrari’s first true grand tourer – and solely designed to fund Enzo interest in Competitive Motor Sport.

The 166 Inter was an evolution of the 125 S and 166 S racing cars, it was a sports car for the street with a coach-built body.

The “Inter” name commemorated the victories claimed in 166 S models by Scuderia Inter. Only 38 – 166 Inters were built from 1948 through 1950.

Production Year Ferrari Model
1947 Ferrari 125 S
1947 Ferrari 159 S
1948 Ferrari 166 Inter
1948 Ferrari 166 Inter Sport
1948 Ferrari 166 MM