One Year On

December’s news is coming to you from my new office. I say new, but I’m struggling to understand how the ‘new’ office is somewhere we’ve now been for twelve months now.. Twelve!

Speaking of twelve months, it has been just as long since our last email to you! To the day too. It wasn’t planned, I promise. I could say that it has been so busy here I’ve not had the time but even though I started to do an email update pretty much every month since we moved here, I have to say that honesty is our policy so here it is;

I was useless.

Now my confession is out of the way, time to make amends and let you know what we have been doing instead of what I haven’t.

SBR Eng workshop

Our new home has seen us able to expand our car sales operation too. Now headed up by Jeremy Warrant, who has a wealth of experience in the industry, we now have a dedicated sales office which is already dealing with some very interesting cars. If you are looking to buy or sell in the future, then be sure to get in touch.

2024 is going to be the year of doing some proper Youtubing! And not as many exhaust noise videos! So many of you have told me in the past that we have great content to offer and should be doing it, so finally we have bought all the gear and will hopefully have some idea!

The new video productions in 2024 will see us showing not only the sales cars but also technical information, upgrades and some of the more intricate unsung engineering work that we do. If there is anything specific you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll add it into the schedule.

Talking of upgrades, we are a fully approved fitting centre and dealer for Novitec exhausts and products. We’ve been fitting them for many years but I may not have mentioned it. Currently, we’re fitting two per week so if that’s something you’re interesting in, let us know and we’ll be glad to help.

We’re also an agent for BMC Air Filters. If you’re looking to get the ultimate induction upgrades for your road car from the makers of quality filters used across Formula 1, MotoGP and World Superbike series, then get in touch. Better yet, use that as an excuse to come and see us.

We’ve added an online shop to the website too for the new products we are involved with, but I’m open to hearing what you want and need from us. We truly value your feedback so the team can always improve how we can be a beneficial service for you.

Our chassis Dyno has also been in full operation, where we can show you what the real world performance increase that your upgrades will produce as well as fault finding anything that isn’t quite as it should be. Make sure your car is in the best shape for spring now or if you’re thinking of heading to the track next year, then get race ready in the new year here.

Ferrari 250 TR on rolling road

Speaking of the team, that has expanded this year too. I’ll be putting them on the website in the new year but with the addition of a new sales manager and senior mechanic have a trainee who has graduated via the Bicester Heritage apprenticeship scheme, it means that we, and the wider industry, are in good health as the new year approaches.

As some of you may be aware, a reduced racing program this year has allowed us to invest in ourselves to get the foundations right for the future. I’d love to say that I missed it, but as with this update, time has simply not allowed me to dwell on anything for too long.

What we have done, is brought in Dafyd Richards of Redesign Sport to work under the SBR banner. Doing this, we are able to bring to bear one of the most comprehensive modern and classic motor racing engineering skills to support your racing calendar. From reverse engineering parts, race setup and race day support, we’ll be able to help you more than ever.

And that’s our year in a nutshell. Next year we’ll be bringing quarterly updates here as well as regular video and social posts to keep you updated on what we’re doing before we do it. And not just after, I promise!

Please keep an eye on our socials, our instagram is always up to date, click here to view, or the links at the bottom.

With all that said, I still prefer a good old fashioned face to face so whether you come and see us here or we see you at an event or on the road, I hope that you and yours have a bloody good festive holiday and hope to see you soon

Stuart and all the guys here at SBR.

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Manual 599 GTB For Sale

Ferrari 599 GTB Manual for sale at SBR Engineering
Ferrari 250 TR on rolling road

One year on for SBR

Decembers news letter from SBR Engineering
ISO Lele

Rare Classic For Sale At SBR

New sales stock at SBR. This very rare Italian classic is a car the SBR team have looked after for quite a few year now is now offered for sale.
Ferrari 355 for sale

New Sales stock!

New sales stock at SBR. This stunning Ferrari 355 GTS is a car the SBR team have looked after for quite a few year now is now offer for sale.

Novitec Exhausts

After many years of fitting and working with Novitec products, SBR are now an official Novitec stockist and fitted centre.
Lamborghini Diablo at SBR New Workshop

We Have Moved!

The car world is obsessed with speeds and feeds. 0-60 times, top speed, cornering g-forces, stopping distances; well, we’ve got some new stats for you too. We’ve traveled a staggering 528 feet and it has taken four and a half years. I know, you think I’ve gone mad, but I haven’t. Honest!
Brabham BT62

Brabham BT62 The End Of The Road

End of the road for the Brabham BT62. With the season just underway yet another engine failure brings the program to a halt. SBR announce their withdrawal of the car for racing in the UK for 2022 season.
GTO Class Win

Mclaren Wins GTO Class Championship

Our GT Cup season should of been campaigned in the Brabham BT62, but due to unreliability issues it was not able to do the first rounds of GT Cup. We had to use last years Ferrari 488 Challenge car to start the Championship whilst the Brabham was being worked on.
Mclaren 12c Can Am

Mclaren MP4-12C Can Am Stands in for Brabham

A race season that should have seen us campaign the Brabham BT62 took a decided turn when the car suffered another engine failure! The team was fortunate enough to have the owner drive, Paul Bailey's, very special Mclaren MP4 Can Am car at our workshop. The team managed to get the car to the circuit and prepped and ready to race to stand in for the stricken Brabaham.