SBR Move To New Workshop

Lamborghini Diablo at SBR New Workshop
December 5th  2022

The car world is obsessed with speeds and feeds. 0-60 times, top speed, cornering g-forces, stopping distances; well, we’ve got some new stats for you too. We’ve traveled a staggering 528 feet and it has taken four and a half years. I know, you think I’ve gone mad, but I haven’t. Honest!

The move sees us travel that distance to our new workshop location, and I don’t mind admitting Im very proud. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but stood outside the new premises the other night, as a nice sunset was going on behind me I looked at the open workshop door with a yellow Lamborghini sitting right in the middle of the newly laid floor and thought just how far we’ve come.

It has been a hectic few months whilst we got the paperwork completed, the keys, the new resin floor, cleaning and painting the walls, installing the new ramps, emptying the old workshop and all while still working on customer cars, but the adrenaline really carries you through. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m taking a chance for expanding to a new larger building at a time when everyone is doom and gloom about the economy and basically most things, but I’ve backed myself since those early days and I’m continuing to do so.

The new premises gives us more room for race car and restoration bays, separate engineering rooms and stores. This new space will also see us back working on more classic’s and race cars, but more on that in the next update. For now, as before, we’re open and raring to keep going. The kettle is always on so feel free to either book in or just come along and say hello and we hope to see you soon.

Stuart Bitmead