Ferrari F40 Fuel Tanks

The History

In 2009 SB Race Engineering, decided that a solution for 10 & 5 year replacement Ferrari F40 tanks was needed, this led to us creating the first tailor-made alloy fuel tanks, exclusively designed for all Ferrari F40 models.

Our fuel tanks have been meticulously crafted to meet the demand for a superior alternative to the original FIA specification fuel cell (bladder tank). Unlike the latter Ferrari product, which requires replacement every decade, our innovative fuel tanks offer a durable, cost-effective solution.


SBR’s commitment to excellence is evident in the continuous evolution of the design, now in its fourth iteration. Each version builds upon the success of its predecessor, incorporating subtle enhancements to further elevate performance and reliability.

As with all of our motorsport and road car products the tanks are Crafted by skilled motorsport artisans, each fuel tank undergoes rigorous inspection and pressure testing to meet the highest standards.

Experience hassle-free installation as each pair of fuel tanks is delivered with all the necessary internal and external fittings. No modifications to your vehicle are required, and the original fuel cells can be effortlessly retrofitted, making them Ferrari Classiche compatible for future restoration needs.

Across Europe and the United States, SB Race Engineering has already delivered numerous sets of these superior fuel tanks to satisfied customers. By investing in our product, customers not only reduce maintenance costs for their cherished Ferrari F40 but also gain peace of mind, knowing the risk of fuel cell leakage during storage or in use has been eliminated.

What’s the cost ?

For a comprehensive package, including link pipes, fuel hoses, hose clips, baffle foam, and certification, the total cost for one pair of our alloy fuel tanks is £6,950 plus VAT and shipping charges. Tanks are available in a protective black textured coating or bare alloy. Click here to view in our online shop

Contact us today to inquire about fitted pricing and our professional installation services available at our own workshops or benefit from our global shipping options. Take the first step towards enhancing the longevity and performance of your Ferrari F40 with SBR Engineering’s unrivalled alloy fuel tanks.

Full engine bay fuel pipes kits are available from us too!