1969 Ferrari 365 GTS4

The convertible version of the 365 GTB4 made its debut at the 1969 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was received enthusiastically by the public and the trade press alike, and retained the mechanical features and performance of the coupé, with a design that is still striking today.

Since then a number of berlinettas have had the roof cut off to be converted into the spider variant, this vogue being particularly popular in the late eighties as the price of original examples soared.

Both variants of the model were produced up until 1973, which by the standards of previous models was a lengthy run, during which time a total of 122 spider examples were built in the chassis number range 14365 to 17073.

The bodies were mounted on a 2400mm wheelbase chassis that had factory reference numbers 605, all were numbered in the odd chassis number road car sequence.

The construction was along the same basic lines as the others of the period, with large section oval main tubes, cross bracing, and sub structures to support the body and ancillary equipment.

The model was available in either right or left hand drive form.

The engine was the same V12 unit used in the 365 GTB4, with factory type reference 251, of 4390cc capacity, with a bore and stroke of 81mm x 71mm, with dry sump lubrication. It was fitted with a bank of six twin choke Weber 40 DCN20 or 21 carburettors, those of the USA market cars carrying the suffix “A”, with a twin coil and rear of engine mounted distributors ignition system, with an electronic system fitted to USA market versions, to produce a claimed 352bhp.

Ferrari 365 GTS4 Technical Specifications

Year of Manufacture – 1969

type front, longitudinal 60° V12
bore/stroke 81 x 71 mm
unitary displacement 365.86 cc
total displacement 4390.35 cc
compression ratio 8.8 : 1
maximum power 259 kW (352 hp) at 7500 rpm
power per litre 80 hp/l
maximum torque 431 Nm (44 kgm) at 5500 rpm
valve actuation twin overhead camshafts per bank, two valves per cylinder
fuel feed six Weber 40 DCN 20 carburettors
ignition single spark plug per cylinder, two coils
lubrication dry sump
clutch single-plate
frame tubular steel
front suspension independent, unequal-length wishbones, coil springs over telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
rear suspension independent, unequal-length wishbones, coil springs over telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
brakes discs
transmission 5-speed + reverse
steering worm and roller
fuel tank capacity 128 litres
front tyres 215/70 VR 15
rear tyres 215/70 VR 15
type two-seater spider
length 4450 mm
width 1740 mm
height 1250 mm
wheelbase 2400 mm
front track 1440 mm
rear track 1453 mm
top speed 280 km/h
acceleration 0-100 km/h
0-400 m
0-1000 m

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