Ferrari Storage

SBR Engineering can handle every aspect of your car storage – from initial collection, to any necessary maintenance or restoration while in our care. If you wish to have occasional use of your car during its stay with us, with 48 hours notice your car can be ready to collect from our premises.

While we accept all marques, the SB car storage facilities are the ideal place to leave your Ferrari. You will have total peace of mind knowing your Ferrari is stored with a company that has more than 30 years of experience with these wonderful Italian cars.

What’s more, if you choose to store a Ferrari with us and decide to sell it, we are also able to market the car on your behalf if a commission sale is agreed.

Please contact us now to discuss the storage of your vehicle, or to inquire about any of the other services listed below.

Pricing & Services


..from £45 per week

We use several storage facilities, depending on your needs we can cater for  single use storage or a collection of vehicles

All cars are washed and dried before putting into storage, tyres are over-inflated to prevent flat spotting, and an automatic battery conditioner can be supplied. The car’s condition will be inspected by us and agreed by you before being stored.

Cleaning & Detailing

Courtesy wash and valet prior to your car being stored, and before it is delivered to or collected by you.

We can also arrange specific detailing requirements, including paint correction, engine bay detailing and full machine polishing should you require it.

Maintenance and MOT

We can offer a tailor-made maintenance programme for your vehicle, to keep it in excellent condition while in our care.

When the time comes, we can arrange to move your car from storage ready for MOT. This includes full preparation for the MOT, plus delivery to and collection from the test centre where we wait with the vehicle. This also includes the MOT test fee.

We are experts in Ferrari service, maintenance and repair, but can also cater for major and minor tasks on other marques. Since our trade contacts are unrivalled, we can also arrange for more complex or detailed servicing of your car by main dealers or marque specialists at your request.

Minor repairs or restoration can be taken care of while your car is in storage with us. Whether it is something as basic as dent removal or alloy wheel refurbishment, or something as major as a full restoration – please discuss your requirements with us for further guidance and a quotation.

Car Collection and Delivery

We can collect and deliver your car back to your doorstep with our premium transport service. Or should you prefer, you can collect, visit the SB team and enjoy driving your car away. All collections and drop offs take place at our Buckinghamshire workshops.

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for the collection of your vehicle, to insure the best possible transportation is available for your pride and joy.