Ferrari LaFerrari

In 2016 The LaFerrari represented Ferrari’s most ambitious project yet. They pushed the boundaries of technology on a road car, drawing together the finest expression of the marque’s technical capabilities in both GT and Formula 1 engineering.

It boasts the most extreme performance ever achieved by a Ferrari production car and features the most advanced and innovative technical solutions which will, in the future, filter down to the rest of the Ferrari range.

The LaFerrari was Ferrari’s first ever production car to be equipped with the F1-derived hybrid solution – the HY-KERS system – which combines an electric motor producing over 150 CV with the most powerful incarnation yet of Ferrari’s classic V12, with 800 CV at 9000 rpm.

Only 499 units were produced, and each cost more than 1 million US dollars.

Ferrari LaFerrari Technical Specifications

Year of Manufacture – 2013

HY-KERS system
total maximum power 963 CV
total maximum torque >900 Nm
v12 maximum power* 800 CV @9000 rpm
maximum revs 9250 rpm
v12 maximum torque 700 Nm @6750 rpm
electric motor output 120 Kw (163 CV)
co2 emissions 330 g/km
maximum speed over 350 km/h
0-100 km/h <3 sec
0-200 km/h <7 sec
0-300 km/h 15 sec
type 65-deg. V12
bore and stroke 94 x 75,2 mm
total displacement 6262 cc
compression ratio 13.5:1
specific power 128 CV/l
length 4702 mm
width 1992 mm
height 1116 mm
wheelbase 2650 mm
weight distribution 41% fr, 59% r
gearbox 7-speed DCT
front double wishbones
rear multi-link
Tyres(Pirelli P-Zero)
front 265/30 – 19
rear 345/30 – 20
Carbon ceramic brakes (Brembo)
front 398 x 223 x 36 mm
rear 380 x 253 x 34 mm
Electronic controls
esc stability control
high perf abs/ebd Performance anti blockage system/electronic brake balance
ef1-trac F1 electronic traction control integrated with the hybrid system
e-diff 3 third generation electronic differential
scm-e frs magnetorheological damping with twin solenoids (Al-Ni tube)
aerodynamics active

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