Ferrari 340 America

Ferrari 340 America

The Ferrari 340 America was a luxury grand touring car produced by Ferrari in the early 1950s. Here’s a brief history of the Ferrari 340 America:

The Ferrari 340 America was introduced in 1950 as one of the first models in Ferrari’s America series. The “America” name was given to signify the car’s suitability for long-distance touring, particularly in the American market. It was aimed at wealthy customers who desired a high-performance sports car with luxurious amenities.

Under the “bonnet”, the Ferrari 340 America featured a powerful 4.1-liter Lampredi V12 engine. This engine produced around 220 to 260 horsepower, depending on the specific model and configuration. It was coupled with a four-speed manual transmission, providing a smooth and engaging driving experience.

The chassis of the 340 America was based on a tubular steel frame, which provided the necessary strength and rigidity for both performance and comfort. The bodywork was typically crafted by various coachbuilders, including Ghia, Vignale, and Touring, each adding their own unique styling touches to the car. The interior boasted luxurious appointments, such as high-quality leather upholstery and wood trim.

The Ferrari 340 America was not primarily built for racing, but it did participate in some motorsport events. It made appearances in endurance races like the Mille Miglia and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, it is important to note that the 340 America was more focused on offering a comfortable and high-performance touring experience rather than being an out-and-out racing car.

In terms of production numbers, Ferrari built only a limited quantity of the 340 America. Approximately 23 examples were produced between 1950 and 1952, making it a rare and highly sought-after collector’s car today.

The Ferrari 340 America played a significant role in establishing Ferrari’s reputation as a producer of luxurious and high-performance GT cars. It laid the foundation for subsequent models in the America series, which became highly coveted by car enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

Overall, the Ferrari 340 America represents an important chapter in Ferrari’s history, combining elegant styling, powerful performance, and comfortable touring capabilities. Its limited production numbers and association with Ferrari’s early years have contributed to its desirability among classic car enthusiasts.

Ferrari 340 America Technical Specifications

Year of Manufacture – 1950

type front, longitudinal 60° V12
bore/stroke 80 x 68 mm
unitary displacement 341.80 cc
total displacement 4101.66 cc
compression ratio 8 : 1
maximum power 162 kW (220 hp) at 6000 rpm
power per litre 54 hp/l
maximum torque
valve actuation single overhead camshaft per bank, two valves per cylinder
fuel feed three Weber 40 DCF carburettors
ignition single spark plug per cylinder, two coils
lubrication dry sump
clutch single-plate
frame tubular steel
front suspension independent, unequal-length wishbones, transverse leaf spring, Houdaille hydraulic shock absorbers
rear suspension live axle, semi-elliptic springs, Houdaille hydraulic shock absorbers
brakes drums
transmission 5-speed + reverse
steering worm and sector
fuel tank capacity 135 litres
front tyres 6.40 x 15
rear tyres 6.40 x 15
type spider, berlinetta, coupé, 2+2 or two-seater
wheelbase 2420 mm
front track 1278 mm
rear track 1250 mm
weight 900 kg (dry, berlinetta)
top speed 240 km/h
acceleration 0-100 km/h
0-400 m
0-1000 m

Ferrari 340 America Valuations

In 2016 a 340 America sold for nearly $9 Million, like most Ferrari’s of this caliber the sale of these models come up rarely and values are always increasing!

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