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For Ferrari 812 owners looking to elevate their auditory experience, there are three enticing stages of upgrades available:

Stage 1: This initial stage involves the installation of sports rear silencers equipped with valves, operated by a convenient remote control.

Stage 2: Widely favored among 812 owners, this upgrade includes sports rear silencers with valves and a remote control, along with the replacement of the central muffler with an X-pipe.

Stage 3: For those in pursuit of an extreme sound boost and enhanced performance, Stage 3 offers sports rear silencers with valves and remote control, an X-pipe to replace the central muffler, sports catalysts, and a Novitec ECU upgrade, delivering  an intensely powerful exhaust note.

Owners have 3 further options with regard to the finish of the exhaust.

Stainless-steel version
Article no. F1 812 21

INCONEL version
Article no. F1 812 41

INCONEL version with gold-plated with 999 fine gold
Article no. F1 812 71

The standard 812 is engineered for quiet operation, and to savor an exhilarating exhaust note, owners often need to push the car aggressively. When the stock exhaust valves finally open, the sound is enjoyable but somewhat restrained and muffled. While not lacking in appeal, it holds the potential for greatness. Another concern is the abrupt shift from closed to open, which may give bystanders the impression of aggressive driving.

The Novitec Stage 2 exhaust kit completely transforms this experience. Instantly, the car emits a fuller, deeper, and louder sound at lower RPMs, settling into a robust large-V12 idle. The note remains deep at lower revs and then, at around 3000 RPM, transitions into a higher-pitched exhaust note that intensifies linearly with throttle input. This is a critical enhancement because the stock exhaust operates abruptly, with the valves opening all at once. With the Novitec system, the exhaust note intensifies gradually and smoothly. As the revs climb, the exhaust tone evolves, and beyond 5000 RPM, the car produces an exhilarating high-pitched motorsport-like sound, a stark departure from the stock system’s flat tone. The contrast from the standard setup is significant. When lifting off the throttle, the valves remain open, unlike the stock system, resulting in a gradual reduction in volume and captivating pops and crackles during deceleration.

Moreover, the package includes a remote control that allows you to open and close the Novitec exhaust valves at any point in the rev range. This feature enables you to reduce the car’s volume for long-distance driving, early morning starts, and other situations where discretion is desired.

We have extensive experience with all major exhaust brands, and based on prior installations, Novitec’s silencers for the 812 stand out as the superior choice.

Novitec’s silencers distinguish themselves in several ways:

  • They offer a significant increase in volume compared to the stock exhaust.
  • They produce an unparalleled, spine-tingling scream and pitch.
  • They provide a substantial difference between the “open” and “closed” states.

In contrast, other exhaust brands for modern V12 Ferraris tend to disappoint. Despite what you may find on internet forums or YouTube clips, these alternatives often sound too subdued, closely resembling the stock exhaust, and lack the excitement that a Novitec exhaust provides.

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