McLaren Engine Faults FAQ

1. What are some common engine faults reported in McLaren road cars?

McLaren road cars, while renowned for their high-performance engines, have experienced some recurring issues over the years. Common faults include concerns related to the cooling system, electronic glitches, and software-related issues. Some models have also faced challenges such as overheating and engine misfires, which can be caused by mechanical failure.

2. Which McLaren models have been more prone to engine faults?

The MP4-12C faced teething problems related to electronic glitches and software, and the M840T engine in the 720S had occasional reports of overheating and misfires. It’s important to note that McLaren actively addresses these issues through software updates and continuous improvement. Early version of the M838T also suffered from valve train wear, although this was address on latter engines, but it still affects these earlier versions. Both engine versions have suffered from cylinder liner issues and even con rod failure.

3. How has McLaren addressed engine faults in their road cars?

McLaren has been committed to providing excellent customer support, and the brand has been proactive in addressing reported engine faults. When issues arise, McLaren’s engineering team worked swiftly to release software updates, implement improvements in subsequent models, and offer solutions to affected owners. Unfortunately the dealer network have not been the most reliable at delivering the customer service that the manufacture might have hoped for.

Regular maintenance and adherence to service schedules can also play a crucial role in preventing potential issues. Here at SBR we are able to offer the same software updates if needed, with our factory diagnostics.

4. Are engine faults covered under warranty for McLaren road cars?

McLaren provides a comprehensive warranty for their road cars, typically covering the engine and associated components. However, the specific terms and coverage may vary depending on the model and the region. It’s essential for McLaren owners to familiarise themselves with the warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer, as fixing faults not covered under said warranties can be expensive. SBR are able to offer warranty for McLaren models after a full inspection of the vehicle.

5. Can engine faults be prevented through regular maintenance?

Regular and proactive maintenance is crucial in helping prevent potential engine faults. Adhering to scheduled service intervals, conducting routine check-ups, and promptly addressing any warning lights or unusual sounds can significantly contribute to the overall health and longevity of the McLaren engine. However, we are still seeing excessive wear on older cars, even with faultless service history!

Mp4 12C Engine
6. Are McLaren road cars reliable despite reported engine faults?

McLaren road cars are generally well-regarded for their performance and improving reliability. While some models may have encountered specific issues, it’s essential to consider the brand’s commitment to continuous improvement. McLaren actively listens to customer feedback, implements software updates, and introduces enhancements to ensure the reliability and longevity of their road car engines.

7. How can McLaren owners stay informed about recalls and updates related to engine faults?

McLaren owners can stay informed about recalls and updates by regularly checking for communications from the manufacturer, and us here at SBR Engineering. McLaren typically issues notifications directly to owners, and authorised dealerships and ourselves, are equipped to provide information on any available software updates or improvements to address reported engine faults. Owners can also access online portals provided by the manufacturer for the latest information.

8. Is there a pattern or timeline for addressing engine faults in McLaren road cars?

McLaren, like any automotive manufacturer, continuously evolves its models and addresses reported issues with a focus on improvement. The timeline for addressing engine faults can vary, but McLaren is committed to resolving issues promptly and ensuring that subsequent models benefit from the lessons learned in the development process.

9. Can McLaren road car owners modify their engines to prevent faults?

While some modifications may enhance performance, for cars still in manufactures warranty it’s crucial for owners to approach engine modifications with caution. Unauthorized modifications can potentially void warranties and may introduce unforeseen complications. McLaren recommends consulting with authorised dealerships or the manufacturer directly before making any significant modifications to the engine or other components. For cars out of warranty we strongly advise a full inspection go the vehicle to assess the need for pre-emptive work including upgraded components.

10. How does McLaren respond to customer feedback regarding engine faults?

McLaren values customer feedback and actively uses it to improve their vehicles. Customer input regarding engine faults is considered seriously, and the company takes steps to address reported issues through software updates, technical service bulletins, and improvements in subsequent models. McLaren’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their responsiveness to feedback and continuous efforts to enhance the ownership experience.

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