Lamborghini Diagnostics – The use of a computer to carry out diagnostics on a Lamborghini, has over the last few years become normal practice. This method quickly isolates any faults and consequently carrys out the repair. The fact that computer controlled electronic components have become an integral part of all Ferrari models, the use of diagnostic equipment has become indispensable.

Our specialist Lamborghini  Diagnostic equipment is used to diagnose a number of problems quickly and easily, without major work having to be carried out on the vehicle. The fault code or warning light can then be easily reset. We are one of very few specialists to have the full complement of factory and aftermarket diagnostic systems. We have also invested in two other more up to date machines to cater for present Lamborghini models.

SB Race Engineering are in the fortunate position to employ fully trained & certified Lamborghini  Service Technicians who specialise in the use of Lamborghini  diagnostics, this in conjunction with our state of the art Lamborghini Diagnostic Servicing facilities makes us one of the leading Specialists in the UK.

Our specialist Lamborghini ECU Diagnostic facility can be used for the following Ferrari’s :

* All Varients

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Lamborghini Diagnostics Department on 020 3940 7515  & speak to our Specialists.