Liberty Walk Aventador Build

It’s been some time since we last blogged via our website, and we thought what better way to re-introduce this section with the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador. We launched ‘The Build’ back in May as our way of walking you through some of the steps of the process to convert a factory spec Lamborghini Aventador into a Liberty Walk widebody version. This blog is a follow up to our first news post we think you might enjoy.

As SBR are in close communication with Liberty Walk in Japan, we were the first point of contact by our client who was keen on converting his Lamborghini. Within 1 month, the kit was custom built and shipped to SBR’s workshop. The build was a 3 month project. The car arrived with an Oakley Design bodykit and exhaust system which needed to be stripped. The major set backs included: Modifying the Liberty Walk kit to match the Aventador spec including: Rear Reversing Camera, Front boot space air suspension unit & side indicators.

Over the 3 months, SB Race Engineering built the Liberty Walk Aventador whilst taking delivery of new parts, the Armytrix Exhaust System as well as the Forgiato wheels. Once the body kit was dry fitted and the Lamborghini body work was cut to perfection, we transported the car privately up to a vehicle wrap and customisation company who are based in Northern England. The customer had a specific tron style design that was required and within 4 days, the wrap was complete. A triple layer pearlescent chrome purple with flakes made the car stand out. The lines of the vehicle were emphasized with the orange reflective tron lines. The car was privately transported down to SB Race Engineering for final fitment, spoiler and air suspension installation.

The final week was an enjoyable one seeing the project come together with the final touches at our workshop. The valve control unit was installed to the Armytrix system whilst the final check overs were taking place. The project was a learning experience for us all at SBR.

For us, we had successfully created not only the first Liberty Walk converted car in Europe, we had also tailored the body kit and engineered it to work better, and become a more usable car on a daily basis.

We are proud to have built the car, and the global media and social media success this car has achieved in such a short space of time has been incredible. We thank everyone who has tagged us in images of you seeing the car, and we look forward to many more coming this summer/  winter.