Welcoming some of the Rarest Classics at SBR

This year we’ve had a fantastic range of cars arriving at SB Race Engineering from F40’s, F50’s as well as some of the more modern hypercars such as the first production McLaren P1. However, this week we have a fairly different view of our workshop…

To begin with, we have an Aston Martin DB4 being restored to it’s former glory. Currently the engine is being rebuilt but we have worked on this vehicle for a long time and it’s great to see it nearly complete. Next we have a Rosso Porsche 959, one of the best examples of this very rare car. Bought from Monaco, it has come directly to SB Race for us to bring this car back up to speed to compete with the Ferrari F40.

Finally we have the newest addition to the workshop, which was bought not so long ago at the Goodwood Revival auction, the Jaguar Low Drag Lightweight E-Type. A very historic vehicle that completes the classic corner in our workshop!