3D Scanning and Modelling

In the automotive aftermarket, replicating and upgrading means the job of extracting dimensions from manufacturers’ origanal parts is critical. This process can help designing custom parts like body and suspension kits, engine components or other performance parts. In those cases, the general dimensions of the part and especially the fixation points need to be defined accurately. In addition to that, for body kits and other visual improvements, the design of the new component must match the original design in order to give a good global look to the car.

Why 3D scanning?

Well reverse engineering, and Design, calls for the acquisition of dimensions on parts of various shapes and complexity, potentially performed in any kind of environment. For this 3D scanning was the only option for us. This technology has become more economical to obtain in recent years and was clearly the way forward for us as an Automotive engineering company. We have utilized 3D scanning and modelling to produce special tooling for the Various supercar manufactures, to design our own parts to overcome design faults with original components along with reproduce obsolete parts.

What is the benefit?

It is not just with race applications were are able to stress test parts before we go into production. As a result of this, a massive saving in costs and development for all projects over previous techniques is possible. These tests have been carried out on all of our parts, from brake and suspension kits, chassis modifications and engine components. Testing just about everything is now possible before production begins!

At SBR we have been using 3D Scanning to produce parts since 2014. This technology has made the difference between cars being able to be completed within very tight deadlines.

Pictured above are just a handful of things we have been involved with for our own projects. We have taken on work for many other well respected companies in the industry and are always looking for interesting projects to be involved with.

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