• 1800bhp at all 4 wheels
  • All transmission types
  • Complete air flow controlled Dyno cell
  • Superior vehicle tie down methods
  • Temperature, humidity and barometric pressure compensation
  • Air / fuel ratio monitoring

  • Temperature and air flow controlled Dyno cell
  • Half day and full day hire available for motorsport teams and tuners
  • 0.001% accuracy measurement
  • Have one of our technicians diagnose or tune your sports car on a rolling road
  • ECU Tuning and mapping for Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren cars
  • Performance Exhaust
  • Hi flow catalytic converters
  • Performance air filters

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How accurate is a chassis Dyno?

 To overcome the problems associated with estimating drivetrain losses to determine flywheel horsepower (as performed by other rolling road systems) our Dyno Dynamics Rolling road system measures power at the wheels.
The power measurement system itself is unique, as the system uses a load cell (with 99.99% accuracy) to measure wheel power, as opposed to inertia measurement systems which have around 95% accuracy. This means the system is accurate to within 1.5bhp at 1200 bhp.

For more details regarding accurate power measurements, and how to prepare for using the chassis Dyno, please click the button below.

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