‘The Build’ Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador: Blog 1

Welcome to ‘The Build’, a new and insightful gallery into Europe’s first Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador. Since launching the car at the beginning of April, we have been inundated with requests and inquiries into Liberty Walk, Armytrix and aftermarket vehicle enhancements. We thought the best method to provide information to our audience would be to create an on-going news gallery taking you through the processes of building such an impressive vehicle.



We received the Lamborghini Aventador in early January, and throughout the early months of 2015, we spent hours of precision with modifying the Italian supercar ready for the Liberty Walk bodykit. For those that aren’t familiar with Liberty Walk’s work, LB are an aftermarket exterior tuning company stretching the boundaries of car customization. Ranging from simple bolt on parts to carbon rear spoilers, Liberty Walk’s flagship product is the wide body kit options for Nissan GTR’s, Lamborghinis, Ferrari’s and more. Our client wanted something completely unique, and we were excited by the opportunity that was presented to us.

Stage 1 of the vehicle preparation began during January, with the 2012 Arancio Atlas Aventador arriving half wrapped, with an Oakely Design body kit already fitted. The car also had a titanium race exhaust fitted to the car that needed to be removed and replaced by a revolutionary Armytrix decatted system featuring test pipes. Our first job before the body kit arrived in the UK was to strip the car and prepare the wheel arches for cutting. The pictures below display how the car arrived to us, and how Barry worked on stripping the car’s wheels, exhaust and body kit.