Armytrix F1 Exhausts System Fitted to Lamborghini

Here at SB Race Engineering, we have seen, supplied and fitted a fair few exhaust systems. Tubi, Capristo, Larini, Fabspeed etc. We had been made aware of Armytrix F1 Systems a few months ago, and we were eager to work on one of their products. A great customer of ours ordered a full titanium, 3 mode valvetronic exhaust system from Armytrix, and we were excited and amazed by the product.

The system arrived beautifully packaged in the box with attention to detail being a top priority. The level of care and quality throughout the system was brilliant and once the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 arrived, we set to work.

The fitting was seamless and fairly straight forward. The electrical wiring came last, which we perfected within the time frame of a usual exhaust fitting.

We have made two videos from the Lamborghini: One of the actual fitting taking place, and one with the customer coming back a couple of days later once the exhaust had settled in. The acoustic difference between the stock exhaust and the Armytrix is remarkable. The valves make a huge difference and the car comes alive with the valves open above 6000rpm. Our customer is truly enjoying the system and we hear him every now and then passing through Watford.

Check out the photos and videos below of the fitting and sound difference. We also have another Armytrix exhaust being fitted onto an Audi R8 V8, so we’ll make sure we film that too!

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