SB Race Engineering become Exclusive Armytrix UK Dealer

We have waited until now to announce our latest collaboration, and we are truly excited by this partnership. SB Race Engineering are officially the UK supplier and distributor of Armytrix Exhaust Systems. Over the years, we have fitted a variety of exhaust systems and since 2014, we have been amazed at the growth, quality and sound improvement of the Armytrix Systems. 12 months ago, Armytrix were an unknown brand in the UK, but overseas they were impressing everyone. With collaborations through Liberty Walk and GoldRush, Armytrix penetrated the U.S market instantly.

Now with a handful of systems fitted to UK cars, SB Race got our first taster through an LP560-4 Gallardo. The build quality of the fully titanium system was impressive, whilst the attention to detail was luxurious and exquisite. SB Race have another Armytrix exhaust system on the way, in the shape of an X-Pipe fully titanium Audi R8 V8 exhaust system. This will be fitted to a special Audi R8 owned by the popular Youtube channel ‘SupercarsofLondon’.

SB Race Engineering will be working closely with Armytrix and our network within the UK to provide the best service and after sales experience on these exciting exhaust systems. Feel free to watch the videos below and get in contact through our contact form regarding any exhaust enquiries.

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